This work explores what a possible afro feminist future would look like, moving through the experiences and traumas that our bodies hold. It draws from references such as Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood, the film Cosmic Slop and the ideas of Sun Ra. The work questions how black bodies have been exploited for the advancement of the western world, and what the black body would need to take back for itself, to move forward and free.


Rudy Loewe create their work through drawing comics, illustrations and printmaking. They graduated in 2018 from Konstfack with an MFA in visual communication. Rudy have exhibited in spaces such as the Southbank Centre, Stuart Hall Library and EFA Project Space New York. They currently collaborate as part of Collective Creativity- a group of artists focused on creating dialogue around queer artists of colour and black arts history. In 2016 Rudy founded the group Brown Island.