Both avid collectors of collections, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf, and Charles Sagalane are working collaboratively on an installation in the gallery where respective collections meet to become one on the walls of Regart. Constituted of a sample of objects from their personal collections, the result is heterogeneous and multifaceted. The objects are superimposed to a text painted on the walls. The four-handed text evokes the accumulation of words, objects, ideas, collections was first published in its entirety in 2016 in number 166 of Estuaire magazine. In the exhibition Ma collection d’exposition,  a made-up character of a collector exists in the imagination. He is at once both and neither the authors-collectors.

« ma collection d’expositions, ma collection de regarts avec un t, ma collection de ciels sur Lévis, ma collection de traversiers, ma collections de clous d’accrochage dont les petits, les grands ainsi que les moyens, surnommés les K, Phaneuf, ma collection de moments passés avec Marc-Antoine, ma collection de rires, ma collection d’idées neuves, ma collection de vieilles marottes et d’idées idiotes, ma collection de projets à n’en plus finir, ma collection de gratitude, ma collection de Gentiane et d’Amélie Laurence, mais pas d’Amélie et de Laurence, ma collection d’Audrey, ma collection de contentements, ma collection de remerciements, ma collection à suivre, ma collection de…  » 

– Charles Sagalane
(the night of the vernissage)

Ma collection d’exposition will be presented in the gallery of Regart from June 27 to August 18 2019. The vernissage in common with Vélo-Bureau : Le Chemin pour se rendre and Anticipation perpétuelle will take place on June 27 at 6pm.




With a formation in Art History at Université du Québec à Montréal, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf is artist, writer, and curator. His work studies popular culture and contemporary discourses by contemplating those as collections, lists, litanies. Over the last fifteen years, he has shown his work in multiple artist-run-center, galleries and museums in Quebec and Canada, including solo exhibitions at Centre CLARK, l’Œil de Poisson, Regional Museum of Rimouski, Optica, Arprim and the UQO Gallery. He has published three poetry books and numerous artist books. He lives and works in Quebec city.

Charles Sagalane is an “indisciplinary” writer who enjoys taking the poetry out of the books. His practice includes workshops and literary mediation with various publics. His most recent projects, Séjour d’Outre-le-Mont, happened in Montreal with the participation of School Saint-Nom-de Marie students. His sixth book,96bric-à-brac au bord du lac, was published in 2018 at La Peuplade. With his Survival Library, he hosts readers in region, from Lac St-Jean islands to the rest of French Canada, for an experience of literature out of the ordinary.