*It is with great regret that we must cancel the workshop Tu n’es pas féministe offered by McKensie Mack scheduled for September 15th, 2018. McKensie must return the USA to attend to a family emergency and cannot be with us for the workshop.*

There’s a difference between feminist and white supremacist. Can you see it? Tu n’es pas féministe is a 2-hour guide in workshop form that explores how we define our feminism in ways that don’t further perpetuate injustice, disenfranchisement, and overall annoyance in the lives of queer and trans folks, women, and black and brown people. Together, we’ll examine the ways white feminism socializes us to reproduce white supremacy and misogyny under the guise of female empowerment and understanding, exploring practical tips and tricks for anti-assholery in the feminist movement.


Bold, pragmatic, and unpredictable McKensie Mack are a Black American performance artist leveraging the reach of pop culture and satire to envision a world without white supremacy and gender phobia. In their other life, McKensie are anti-oppression consultants and co-Lead organizers of the global campaign Art+Feminism. Their body of work challenges the ways we marginalize black and brown people, women, queer and trans folks as a « normal » part of our everyday lives using the examination of history, the irony of pop culture, and the absurdity of normalized implicit and explicit biases to get people to confront the discomfort that comes with having the difficult conversation so that we can become better, more disruptive people. McKensie Mack are a Chicago-based artists whose families hail from Mississippi. They have been recognized by The Guardian, NY Times, and Refinery29.