Established in Lévis since 1986, the artist-run-center Regart intends to ensure a dynamic presence in today’s visual art with audiences in Chaudière-Appalaches and Québec territories. Through original promotion and diffusion interventions, Regart works to develop and promote the practices of professional artists from the regional, national and international scenes, while maintaining privileged ties with the community.


On the artistic front, Regart is interested in the hybridization of forms of expression, the encounter and the mixture of practices. Thus, it encourages the merging of visual arts with other disciplines, or even other modes of apprehension of contemporary culture. By integrating this approach to hybridization, both in creative processes and in exhibition presentation contexts, Regart opens up to represent a diversity of perspectives that differ from the usual contextualities of diffusion.


Presented mainly in the gallery, Regart’s programming highlights productions that are hybrid. Through out-of-the-wall events, infiltrations into the public space, singular collaborations, and publications, Regart opens a wide range of reflections allowing artists to broaden their fields of artistic intervention. Thus, the center promotes experimentation and research through special projects that bring artists to recontextualize their practice. In this sense, the center becomes both a place of diffusion and an area of ​​experimentation redesigned by the artists and the team of Regart for each presented event.


In the pursuit of its objectives, Regart, centre d’artistes en art actuel :

            • adheres to principles of self-management;
            • supports a fair and equitable remuneration policy for artists and cultural workers;
            • imposes transparency in its management process;
            • advocates rigor and professionalism;
            • demonstrates a presence and openness to the community;
            • supports an active practice of its artists and cultural workers.